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Andreas Karlsson — 14/05/19

Meet Johanna – Dotkeeper’s Backoffice & Sales Assistant

Hi Johanna! Tell us a little about yourself!

Originally, I come from Vara, out in ”Schlätta” (Skaraborg) but over the years I have lived and worked in Gothenburg, New York and San Francisco. Now I’ve finally landed in Malmö along with my partner and in June 2018 I got my degree in Media and Communication Studies with a focus on entrepreneurship. The media world has always attracted me, especially creating and communicating ideas that I believe in. To do that together with Dotkeeper feels totally right.

What is your role? What does it involve?

My role as Backoffice & Sales Assistant involves varied tasks. My days are spent organizing, administrating and carrying-out work such as invoicing, purchasing and backing-up sales with data analysis.

Why have you chosen to work for Dotkeeper?

Dotkeeper is an innovative and exciting company in a growth industry, where the customer is always in focus. It was obvious to me that it would be a chance to work with something I’m passionate about and alongside a group of people taking Dotkeeper to the next level.

It is incredibly exciting to be a part of this journey and to see Dotkeeper growing every day.

What will you bring to Dotkeeper?

I would say organization and order. I am an analytical and structured person, so I will contribute insights and understanding about how we work today and how we can make things even better.

What is the most fun thing you know?

Coming home to see my family! Nothing beats a good meal with them, followed by sitting around talking all evening.

And finally – Which is your favorite domain at the moment?

I love .ninja! It shows how cool the domain world is, that there are so many alternatives that you don’t even know exist!