Meet Elin, Our new Tech Support star!

Dotkeeper are delighted to present Elin Stridsberg, who’s here to help us improve our Fulfilment department.

Welcome! Tell us a little about yourself!

I am a ’Värmlander’ but I’ve made a home for myself down here in Skåne. Basically, I’m interested in technology and that’s what drew me towards the domain industry. Aside from that, I also like cats, computer games and football.


What is your new role? What does it involve?

I am a support technician in our fulfillment team, alongside my wonderful colleague Anna. To sum up very briefly, we organize the practicalities so that customers get the things that they have ordered and are expecting. We make sure, for example, that domains are registered or updated correctly, and we also make ourselves available for technical questions from both customers and colleagues.


Why have you chosen to come to Dotkeeper?

Hjalmar contacted me and told me about the company, and I quickly got the impression that it’s a company with many engaged and friendly people who really focus on their customers. We’ve got a lot in common in that sense, and I have felt welcome from day one.


What do you look forward to most at Dotkeeper?

To be able to work near all these inspiring people and to be part of the exciting journey that Dotkeeper is going on.


What will you bring to Dotkeeper?

I have worked in the past with domains and technical matters with large groups of customers, and I am convinced that this has given me useful experience. I like investigative work, so I’m looking forward to digging into some exciting questions.


What’s the most fun thing you know?

Oh! Maybe swimming, also going on merry-go-rounds and other exciting things with my family.


What is your favorite domain, at the moment?

That has to be .se – every day! I think that we can be really proud about how IIS manage it and also about the things they do for the internet more generally.