Meet Andrea, our Backoffice and Onboarding Manager

Dotkeeper are delighted to present Andrea Sjögren, our fantastic Backoffice and Onboarding Manager.

Welcome! Tell us a little about yourself!

Thanks! I’ve finally made it into working life after three years of studying and I’m honored to be taking my first steps with Dotkeeper. I’m originally from Småland but I live in Malmö these days, in search of new challenges. One of my biggest interests is photography and film – it’s something I often find opportunities for when I’m traveling (that’s another big passion).


What is your new role? What does it involve?

I’m in an administrative role, directing Dotkeeper’s backoffice team, with the title Backoffice & Onboarding Manager. It’s an incredibly varied, fun and broad role, and Joanna (Gustavsson) and I handle everything from accounting questions and office management, to the recruitment and orientation of Dotkeeper’s new arrivals.


Why have you chosen to come to Dotkeeper?

My goal was to work at a smaller company in its expansion phase – somewhere where I wouldn’t just be a cog in the machine of a big organization. I can honestly say that I’ve ended up in 100% the right place. Dotkeeper is an incredibly exciting company with big ambitions and a team mentality that inspires me and motivates me to perform every day.


What are you most looking forward to at Dotkeeper?

I’m looking forward to growing and developing, both in an individual sense and also as a team and as a company. It is incredibly exciting to be a part of Dotkeeper’s journey.


What will you bring to Dotkeeper?

The domain industry is totally new to me but I love to take on new challenges and to take the plunge into new environments. I hope to bring positive energy and provide the kind of structure that makes work easier for both colleagues and customers.


What is the most fun thing you know?

I love to compete, for everything! I also love to experience new places in the world, though even that has become a competition for me, so that can also go under the first category!


What is favorite domain at the moment?

I am extremely curious about .sport, let’s see where that domain goes in the future.