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Sannah Westerlund — 18/11/21

.live and .shop – Two trendy domain extensions

Is your company already doing live shopping? Or is it something you plan to get started with?

The growing trend actualizes, among other things, the domain extensions .live and .shopping from a brand perspective. Maybe they can be interesting alternatives to strengthen your communication and reach out to a wider audience? At the very least, they should be considered for security to prevent anyone other than you from registering them.

What is live shopping?

Live shopping has been trending in China for several years, and we are now seeing how more and more companies are testing and investing in having it as an element in their business. During the pandemic, when a lot of people couldn’t visit physical shops, Live shopping became an important channel to give the growing e-commerce more personal dimensions.

Live shopping is a modern, digital version of TV shop, with interactive features. During live shopping, for example, everything from product experts to well-known influencers can show, talk about, and answer direct questions about different products live. Viewers enter a live shopping event/channel and shop in real-time. The concept has proven to be very successful.

Although live shopping is strongly associated with fashion and beauty, there are more and more examples of companies in other niches testing the concept successfully. An example is Kjell & Co, read about the case here!(case in Swedish)

.live and .shop – Two trendy domain extensions

A successful domain strategy is based on several aspects. Your domain portfolio should create value for you. In short, this value is created by strengthening your brand (eg by driving traffic and creating clarity in your digital presence for your customers) or by protecting your name from being misused in unwanted contexts.

Since live shopping is constantly growing, it is relevant to make an active decision about how you want to handle the domain extensions that are linked to it.

Maybe the .live or .shop top-level domains can be used to create communicatively strong URLs that help you reach out? Regardless, the protection perspective should be considered – protecting the domains means a modest amount of money compared to the alternative.

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