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Sannah Westerlund — 13/11/20

Is cheapest best when it comes to your domain provider?

How to know which domain provider you need for your business.

Do you choose domain provider based on the price they offer? That may be just right! But also, in fact, completely wrong.

In this blog post, we will guide you through some important parameters you should take into consideration when evaluating which domain provider best matches your business and needs.

In the domain name industry, there are, if you want to simplify it a bit, two types of providers. At Dotkeeper, we usually refer to these as “do it yourself providers” (DIY) or “outsource providers/partners” (in the latter category you will find Dotkeeper). The big difference is how much work and responsibility you as a customer yourself have to take on.

In the category “do it yourself suppliers” (DIY) there are actors such as e.g. web hotels. Here, domain names are usually offered at a lower price, together with web hosting. The customer is responsible for the administration themselves and also for ensuring that the assets are managed correctly and doesn’t fail to renew. This option is suitable for companies currently administering a limited number of domain names, that potentially only need .se/.com TLDs, and has both time and an established structure in place to ensure nothing is mistakenly overlooked

The outsource option means that you use a provider who takes over the responsibility for securing, monitoring and administering your domain name portfolio – and who guarantees renewals. This option is suitable for companies that have more than a handful of domain names, perhaps under several country domains, and want / need to spend their time on something other than their domain management. Since the responsibility is instead placed on the provider, the price is usually higher per domain. There is also a larger range of domain extensions and complementary services. Thus, this approach is more customized for companies that want to secure their business against digital infringements and who really want control over their brand online.

So, what type of domain provider is best suited for your business? Should you consider having an “outsource partner” or a “DIY provider”? Below you have some questions that might help guide your choice.

  • Do you have more than a handful of domain names?
  • Do you have critical domain names linked to e.g. Websites and emails that absolutely must work without downtime?
  • Do you have a strong and well-known brand that makes you more vulnerable to pirates and other brand infringement?
  • Do you have operations outside of Sweden, or do you plan to expand outside of Sweden?
  • Do you have grand plans for the future?

If you answered yes to the questions above, our strong recommendation is to review providers in the “outsourcing segment”. Here, the price tags may differ as well, so make sure you compare apples with apples, the cheapest option does not mean that it is the best. If something happens, you want a competent, agile and available partner who can help you when you really need it!

We at Dotkeeper offers domain services with high quality, you will not get tied to extensive and complicated agreements. We offer decent terms and a high level of expertise, so that you as our customer can feel secure in your choice of domain provider.

If you want to know more about Dotkeeper and what we offer, you are more than welcome to contact us!