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Clara Edberg — 08/07/20

Dotkeepers most read blog posts in the first half of 2020

Half a year has passed and it is time for summer and vacation. If you like us can't stop thinking about domains during the summer, here is a collection of our most read blog posts that you can read from your hammock.

Top 5

1. There is an owner for all registered domain names, this can be a person or a company. In order not to lose a domain names, it is important to have accurate and up-to-date owner information. Something we go into deeper in “Who owns your domains?”.

2. One of Dotkeepers’ most read blog posts of all time is “Help! Someone has registered my domain! ”. You may have heard of companies paying large sums of money to buy back a domain name they lost? In this post, we give you tips on what you should think about and what actions you should take if someone has registered a name you want.

3. As Internet use increases, so does the risk of digital fraud. We have collected three examples from reality (“Digital Fraud – Real-life Examples”) where we present three different types of digital fraud and actions you can take if you are exposed to any of these cases.

4. We have many times discussed the topic of Domain Acquisition, something we are experts on. You might be wondering what makes it possible for domain names to impose such great value for companies? And what is it that sets the price for an already registered domain name? In “Why Some Domain Names Sell for Millions” we list five reasons why a domain name can be worth large sums of money for some companies!

5. Are you thinking of starting a new company this fall or maybe change your brand name or website? Then we have the perfect guide to help you do just that without losing traffic through Google. In our “Guide: How SEO can influence your choice of domain”, Linus Larsson at Web Guide Partner tells us what you should keep in mind about SEO when choosing a new domain name.

Want more tips during the summer? Visit our Knowledge Base for more interesting reading.
What was your favorite post so far in 2020? And what do you want us to write more about?

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