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Sannah Westerlund — 26/01/21

Dotkeeper introduces Multi-Year SSL

Due to the new SSL certificate regulations, which require SSL certificates to be renewed on a yearly basis, we are now launching a new service here at Dotkeeper: Multi-Year SSL. Our new service helps you, our customer, to increase security and save time, while simultaneously getting the opportunity to purchase cost-efficient and high-quality certificates.

Why is there a need for this service?

Because SSL certificates are subjected to a thorough validation with each renewal – and thereafter they must be reimplemented each year – the new regulations put an increased responsibility on website owners to renew the certificates on time. In case the certificates are not renewed accordingly, website visitors are met by a message stating that the site is not secure – which of course is nothing to be wished for, neither by you nor by your customers.

The new, shorter, validity periods also increase the amount of administrative work and the risk of technical pitfalls during, for example, the implementation.

What does the service entail?

To facilitate for our clients, we hereby offer Multi-Year SSL. Multi-Year SSL means that you can order SSL certificates for up to 5 years. At Dotkeeper we monitor and manage yearly renewals according to the agreed-on period and in accordance with current regulations. That way you do not need to worry about missing anything. And of course, we are available for service and support to ensure that the implementation goes off without a hitch. We also offer collective invoicing.

The benefits for you as a customer are several. First and foremost: improved security and an eased administrative burden. You will also ensure that you use high-quality SSL certificates, issued by serious issuers. In addition, you can purchase the certificates more cost-efficiently, as the price tag per year becomes cheaper the longer your purchased time period is.


Interested in finding out more? Talk to your Client Manager or contact us at, and we will help you.