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Clara Edberg — 18/12/20

Children and Cancer do not belong together!

Every year about 300 children and young people suffer from cancer, one of the most common causes of death among children and young people in the age 1-14 years old. But with the help from research available today, according to the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, about 85 percent of all those who suffer from childhood cancer survive. But it's not enough. Childhood cancer is still the most common cause of death in Sweden for children.

Every year a couple of hundred research projects are funded that try to find new and better methods that can alleviate and cure childhood cancer.

The Swedish Childhood Cancer Funds’ mission is not just about fighting childhood cancer, another important task is to ensure that affected children and their parents receive the care and support they need. The fund’s overall mission is to do everything they can in the long run to eradicate childhood cancer once and for all.

We at Dotkeeper want to be involved and do what we can to help. That is why this year we have chosen to donate SEK X to the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

Finally, Dotkeeper also wants to wish all customers, partners, and friends a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! And hope you look forward to the new year as much as we do!

Read more about The Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation here!