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Clara Edberg — 06/12/19

“All children should survive, no one should have to die from cancer!”

The headline above is a quote from our vote, in which everyone on the Dotkeeper team got to vote for which charity organization we are donating to this Christmas. Let us all agree that the quote speaks for itself.

For the fourth year in a row, Dotkeeper donates a Christmas gift to “Team Rynkeby God Morgon Lund”, a Nordic charity project that each year raises money for children with cancer and their families. The participants are organised into different teams, and together they bike down to Paris.

Each year in Sweden, 300 children and youths are diagnosed with cancer – making childhood cancer one of the most common causes of death among children and youths aged 1-18 years. Cancer is a very serious disease, but with the help of modern research, around 80% of those affected can be saved. Research must however be further developed, so that more children can be saved. Team Rynkeby supports gravely ill children through local fundraisers in Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway, the Faroe Islands, and Iceland. At Dotkeeper, we have collectively agreed that we want to support the initiative yet another year!

Not everyone associates Christmas with happiness, joy, and being with their family, and some do not have a family to celebrate with any longer. Therefore, we decided to donate a Christmas present in the form of 15,000 SEK to Team Rynkyeby God Morgon Lund, a contribution equivalent to about SEK 1,000 per employee. Dotkeeper would like to wish all of Team Rynkeby a Merry Christmas and the best of luck in next year’s race!

Team Rynkeby God Morgon’s 19th trip to Paris takes place between the 4th and 11th of July 2020.

Finally, we at Dotkeeper would like to wish all our customers, partners, and friends a merry Christmas and a happy New Year! And we hope that you look forward to the coming year just as much as we do!

Read more about the project and how you can contribute here:

Team Rynkeby God Morgon




Photo: Emma Laycock