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Marcus Glaad — 24/11/20

Advice for you as an E-retailer before big shopping events

As many of us probably know, we are approaching Black Friday. A day that many are looking forward to, both consumers and e-commerce companies, but unfortunately also cybercriminals.

Digital fraud is on the rise and e-commerce sites are a natural target for cybercriminals. This sector is particularly vulnerable during periods when the online shopping is at its peak, such as Black Friday.

A common type of fraud is that cybercriminals send out emails via fake email addresses that might be similar to your business. It is also common for a non-benevolent party to register nearby domains and set up online stores similar to yours and then lure your customers with great deals, to a site with fake goods that do not belong to you.

The risk is that you get dissatisfied customers who lose confidence in your business and that your brand is diluted.

So instead of ending up in such a situation, it is important that you secure business-critical domains before big shopping events so that a third party does not use them. But also, that you set up domain monitoring service for your brand name so you get indications if someone else registers your name as a domain. This allows you to act before any major damage has occurred.