The digital world is a wonderful place. Just think of all of the amazing opportunities that are created thanks to the digital revolution.

But there is also a dark side accompanying all these new exciting possibilities. Today, the majority of brand infringements happen online.

To be able to grow and scale a business today, you continuously need to protect your brand from dilution and other risks that come with e.g. piracy, cyber-attacks, and other brand infringements. But with all the content that is constantly being created on the Internet with tremendous speed, it can be quite demanding to maintain control of one’s brand.

In this webinar, our experts Richard Magnusson and Ann-Charlotte Järvinen will discuss how to deal with online brand infringement, focusing on domain names, social media, and marketplaces. We will walk you through how to discover, tackle and prevent brand intrusion. We will also cover practical cases and give recommendations on how to stay one step ahead of infringers.