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Online Brand Protection

Dotkeeper helps you protect your trademarks in the digital world.

As the internet continues to grow, so does digital crime. Happily, with our Online Brand Protection service, we can monitor the risks and potential misuses of your trademarks on the internet. The purpose is to prevent third parties from benefiting from your trademarks without your permission. Today the problem of imposters faking their identities online is significant and growing. Often the motivation for this is to trade in copyrighted goods. Another reason is to use other companies’ trademarks to drive traffic to their own website.

With Online Brand Protection, you can quickly act when someone infringes on your copyright. Together with Yellow Brand Protection, and the latest technology and software, we search the internet and keep you informed so that you have improved control of where and how your brand is being used.

If you need to take legal action we have, trough AWA, solid experience of disputed situations.

An example of how Online Brand Protection works in real life:

Let’s say you have an important trademark, Trademark 1, that you choose to protect with Online Brand Protection. Someone outside of your home country sees some potential in the Trademark 1 brand and its website, so they start manufacturing and selling copies of your product. Some of these copies are sold through their own web-shop but also via multiple listings on alibaba.com. Our Brand Protection tool identifies the illegitimate uses of Trademark 1 and compiles a record of the different websites using it. The different sales channels are ranked, so you can find out which sites are causing the most damage. We’ll then suggest appropriate further action, so that we at Dotkeeper can help to stop the unauthorised sales.


If you want to know more about our Online Brand Protection service, don’t hesitate to get in touch at hello@dotkeeper.com

With Online Brand Protection you get the following:

Internet Scan

We scan the internet for text and pictures that use your trademarks. We also look for spoof websites that pass themselves off as you, for websites that falsely claim to be in business with you, and for any other instances where your trademarks are being illegitimately used.

Listings Scan

We search for advertisements and listings on websites, web-shops and other online commerce sites (such as eBay, Amazon Marketplace and Alibaba) where retailers sell your products – whether they sell genuine or counterfeited versions.

App Store and Google Play Scan

We scan Apple’s App Store and Google Play for fake apps that use your trademarks.

Social Media Scan

We search social media platforms to see if anyone has mentioned your trademarks there.

Monthly Reporting

Every month we compile a report with updated data and status reports so that you can see how your trademarks are used online.

Dedicated advisor

We provide you with advice on how to prioritize possible infringements, we provide you with recommendations on any infringements you should act upon or further monitor. The counseling also includes recommendations for further action ahead.

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