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Dotkeeper Happy Client Program

Customer Service is in our DNA

Since the beginning in 2013, we have protected, managed and developed our clients' digital presence through knowledge, technology and safety; always with a high level of service and the client in focus!

Our clients have always been important, and from experience we at Dotkeeper know that our clients appreciate our high level of service and personal presence.

We work according to our designed customer care program, Dotkeeper Happy Client Program (DHCP). A program that covers everything from steering documents, to more personal efforts that ensure that all customers receive a first-class service.

But in order to develop further, feedback is needed. We have always done client satisfaction surveys and these KPIs will be even more important in the future. We have developed DHCP so that you as our customer feel prioritized and appreciated.

Our goal is to be the most value-creating partner for our clients!

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