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"After a request of a domain name in our possession we chose to have it valuated by Dotkeeper thanks to their great knowledge, experience and professional attitude. Their speed and clarity is something we really appreciate."

Dotkeeper assisted Loopia, one of the leading actors of web hosting and domains in Sweden, with domain valuation.

That a good domain name has the same value as intangible assets, is illustrated daily on the secondary market, where the right to a domain name is often sold for significant amounts. In order to make a good deal as a seller as well as a buyer, it is important to think about what the domain could be worth and what affects the value of the domain. But how are domain names valued? And, given all domain names are valued differently depending on the situation and what the domain name is, how are you supposed to know what a specific domain name is really worth?

The value of domain names was the reason Loopia, one of the leading actors of web hosting and domains in Sweden, contacted Dotkeeper.The background was that Loopia received an offer for a domain name they owned the rights to, and wanted to get assistance with evaluation of the domain.

To assist Loopia with the valuation, Dotkeeper provided data on a variety of factors, including:

– Search statistics on Google (Example: How many searches occur on the keywords that the domain name contains per month in the specific market?

– Marketing Potential (Example: Potential for recognition)

– TLD (Example: In this case .com)

– Statistics from previous sales of similar domain names

The data was analyzed by two of our domain experts and resulted in an indicator of what the domain name itself is estimated to be worth. (The real value of the domain name is like in most markets exactly what someone is willing to pay and sell it for.) The recommendation then served as a starting point for Loopia in the deal.